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Romania is a medium sized country, situated in the South-East of Europe.

You find there as landmarks: the Black Sea and the Danube Delta in the East and the Danube river in the South, but also - probably the most attractive region - surrounded by the Carpathians mountains, Transylvania , in the center.

Well balanced: plains, hills plus plateaus and mountains covering each nearly 30% from the total surface of 238.300 km².

Romania is a land full of history, from antique Greek cities at the Black Sea, ancient Dacia and the remains of the Roman Empire , to the present of the XXI century.

The middle ages in Transylvania's history can be touched in the fortified churches, villages and towns. Sighisoara is the place to be, if you want to taste those years of glory again.

The Romanians were born as a Christian people. Traces of their faith can be seen in Dobrogea in the South East and in the rich-painted monasteries in the North of Moldavia.

The Germans let important traces behind, especially in Transylvania were the villages have unique characteristics and the towns are well fortified with impressive town walls and remarkable churches.

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All of these and even more you can discover at once! This will give you an unforgettable holiday in Romania !
And we guarantee you: once you choose to come here for the first time, you will always return!

For any further information, feel free to drop us a line !


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