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Sunrise Journey Travel Co is a Romanian-Dutch travel agency exploring the Romanian tourism market. Our company has been focussing from the begining on the Incoming segment of tourists. The company offer is built for the necessities and wishes of tourists from all over the World. Still, in the same time, Sunrise Journey Travel Co starts focussing on European and American tourists who wants to travel to Romania for holidays and/or business. Our company works with the best tourism service providers all over Romania such as modern and comfortable hotels and professional transfer companies, famous for the rapidity and safety of their car transfers.

Surise Journey Travel Co comes with interesting tourism packages in order to satisfy all the exigents of a wide angle of tourists. We will present you the touch of Romania through hospitality, rich folkore, delicious traditional cuisine, good wines and lively traditions. For those who like to read about our impressive history we invite you to also visit ancient Greek and Roman fortresses. Also you can discover Romania's tumultuous Middle Ages by visiting famous German citadels. You will feel the spirit of the glorious times of Romanian Royalty when you visit their castles and residences.

The rich Romanian culture is also very good presented in our touristial circuits such as the famous old Romanian churches from Bucovina in the north of Moldavia or you can enjoy exciting Bucharest nights with jazz, blues, ballet and opera.

Active holidays are also good represented in our packages. The Carpathian mountains invite you to try the powder snow on their slopes, while pictoresque landscapes wait to be discovered by zou, how else, than riding a horse! Many other outdoor posibilities are present in Sunrise Journey's specialist offers such as river rafting, trekking and hiking, bungee-jumping or paragliding. Just take a look on OUR TOURS web site tab and you can choose what fits you the best. Sunrise Journey Travel Co comes with a rich offer for those who are forever in love with the Sea. Sun, water, sand and nature are important elements in all our circuits both in the Black Sea resorts or/and Danube Delta. When you choose for the Danube Delta you will be surprised by the fascinating life and lands which waits to be discovered by you!

Also Sunrise Journey Travel Co accummulated important experiences in business travels. From organizing events and conferences and team building sessions to international fairs logistics, Sunrise Journey Travel Co comes as a serious partner for your business in Romania with all that this involved: hotel bookings, car rentals, transfers, conferences halls, language translators and know-how of events and fairs. As soon as you decide to start a new business in Romania or you need to travel here for your on-going business you should choose all the time Sunrise Journey Travel Co solutions. In this way you can enjoy your trip in Romania, while we take care of all the other details. Seriousness, promptitude and rapidity, interest and communication are the main words that characterize our business travel solutions. Feel free to DROP US A LINE and we guarantee to you that you will obtein the best you can have it in Romania!


1. Offer
Sunrise Journey Travel CO provides for and takes care of all your travel arrangements such as accommodation, transfers, car rental, guided tours, holiday packages, team buildings, event logistics for your holidays or business in Romania.
Sunrise Journey Travel will ensure the accommodation service and other types of services pursuant to the published information, description and time schedule of the confirmed booking. Exceptional cases are : unfavourable political situation, disasters or any other factor which might have a negative impact to the tourist season, as well as death or grave illness of service provider and similar.

2. Bookings
All kind of inquiries and bookings shall be received electronically, in writing or individually in our branches, as well as in branches of agencies, which by virtue of contract became partners of the Sunrise Journey Travel. Based on your inquiry and availability our offer will be forwarded to you. By replying to the offer you will receive confirmation and calculation of the package, on the basis of which you will make payment and ensure the service thereby (accommodation, excursion, rent-a-car, etc.). The client will be obliged to provide any data requested by the booking procedure. While booking, the guest will confirm the familiarity with these general conditions for providing services and the full acceptance thereof. Thereby, the general conditions for providing services shall become a binding legal obligation both for the client and for Sunrise Journey Travel Co.

3. Payment
In order to book accommodation, travel packages, tours or any other kind of service it is necessary to make payment depending on the selected payment method. The booking will become official at the moment the client makes payment equal with the amount of 125 EURO. The difference of the contracted final price must be received by Sunrise Journey at latest 30 days prior to using the service (i.e. the tour start date).
Upon confirmation of the booking, the client will be notified on the selected paying method.

4. Accommodation price
The price will include the base service and is expressed in Euro. Together with the accommodation unit the services included in the price are described. All services paid or booked will be specified in the order-voucher. The services not specified in the order-voucher will not be included in the accommodation service, and the client will pay them separately with the service provider i.e. responsible person for the service.

5. Right of the Sunrise Journey Travel Co to change.Booking cancellation.
Sunrise Journey Travel Co will retain the right to change the confirmed booking only in exceptional cases as described under Paragraph 1. "Offer".
In such cases Sunrise Journey will notify the client on changes arisen, and will offer the client accommodation in the same or higher category pursuant to the same prices in force at the point of booking confirmation. In case that the replacement of the accommodation booked will not be possible, Sunrise Journey shall notify the client 7 days prior to the beginning of using the service. In any case, Sunrise Journey will oblige the guest and offer them any additional information related to possible accommodation.

6. Right of guest to change and cancellation of the confirmed booking
Upon his or her request in writing (e-mail, fax or mail), the client will be entitled to change and cancel the confirmed booking. Under the change is understood the change of the date of beginning or end of using the service, as well as the change of number of persons who would use the service. In any case when it is possible the agency will make the change free of charge. When it is not possible to change the confirmed booking, the rules regarding the cancellation of bookings will apply. In case of cancelled booking Sunrise Journey will be entitled to request the client payment of damage caused to Sunrise Journey. The amount of indemnification for damage incurred, shall total to:

- for at least 21 days before arrival, no cancellation fee.
- 20 days prior to the beginning of using the service, 35% of the contracted price
- from 19 to 10 days prior to the beginning of using the service, 50% of the contracted price
- from 9 to 4 days prior to the beginning of using the service, 85% of the contracted price
- from 3 to 1 days prior to the beginning of using the service, 100% of the contracted price.

If the booking cancellation is due to case of force major or exceptional circumstances (wars, strikes, disasters, terrorist actions, death of a close family member) the guest will be obliged to present an document to show the causes of cancellation, in writing and Sunrise Journey will in this case collect 20% of the total contracted price.

7. Obligations of Sunrise Journey Travel Co
The obligation of Sunrise Journey Travel Co is to care for the guest's rights and interests, to correctly present the information and jointly cooperation in resolving of disputing situations, in compliance with good practices in tourism, as well as with laws and special usages in tourism of Romania, save for cases where it is set forth by the General Conditions of Providing the Services.

8. Obligations of the guest
The client shall be obliged to:
- possess the correct travel and other documents.
- upon arrival in the facility, to hand down the voucher-order to person responsible for the accommodation facility.
- to comply with the house rules and cooperate with the person responsible of the accommodation facility.
- to notify the person responsible on valuables and hand them down to custody.
- to comply with the time schedule for arrival and departure (if not otherwise regulated by the house rules) up to 14.00 for entering the facility and up to 11.00 for leaving the facility.
- to settle any expenses related to using of additional services (e.g. telephone, rent of equipment etc.)
- Any expenses related to failure to comply with obligations and possible damage shall be borne by the client. The payment for the above stated matters shall be made at the spot to the responsible person for the accommodation facility.

9. Claim procedure
- Upon arrival the client shall be obliged to object to inappropriate service, with Sunrise Journey.
- In compliance with good practices in tourism, all parties will seek the elimination of the causes for objection. In case that the client will fail to accept the solution, which corresponds to the service paid, Sunrise Journey not considers the posterior objections.
- In case of failure to reach the solution of the problem, the client may submit the objection in writing with stated reasons and mail it to the Sunrise Journey Travel Co. The competent agency representatives will pass the solution as soon as possible.
- The compensation by virtue of the objection may reach the amount of claimed services, and will not comprise the services used neither the total amount of the service, so that the client will be precluded from the right to collect the ideal damage. In case that the client is not satisfied with how the agency resolved his objection, he will be entitled to institute a court proceeding with the appropriate Court of Bucharest.

10. Principal remark
The client fully accepts, by performing his obligations i.e. by making down payment for booking, the General Conditions for Providing Services and undertakes to comply thereto.


Sunrise Journey Travel S.R.L. is a Romanian-Dutch company registered in the Bucharest Chambre of Comerce under the number J40/ 21674/ 22.12.2005.
Sunrise Journey Travel company is licensed by the National Ministery of Tourism of Romania under the number 4053 from 07.07.2006.
SUNRISE JOURNEY TRAVEL is member of Romanian National Association of Travel Agencies (ANAT) and respect all the national and international regulations regarding personal data protection, good manners and practice in tourism.
Also our Travel Company is insured according with Romanian and international laws for insolvency. That means in case of financial incapacity or bankruptcy the traveler back payment has been guaranteed just as his return journey.


All our top quality services are provided by the people who make Sunrise Journey Travel Co one of the most competitive travel agencies in Romania, the Sunrise Journey Team.
When we talk about our offers and about our clients we are very proud!
Still, we are even more proud to present you the Sunrise Journey Team. A combination between energetic and qualified young personel in tour guidings in the Incoming department and experienced and leading personel in Business Development Management or Public Relations and Marketing.
Take a look at what they say about themselves and about Sunrise Journey:

Andre Desmidt - Travel Consultant & Guide

Sunrise Journey - Travel in Romania - Andre Desmidt "My first visit to Romania was in 1990 and turned out to be a real voyage of discovery. As I enter the country I got fascinated by the elegance and the hospitality of the population but also by the diversity of the landscapes and the historical places and sites". Since then he travelled every year to Romania in order to discover every corner of this amazing land.
Andre is 60 years old and his interest for tourism and for Romania goes side by side. During 15 years he was tourism manager in Knokke-Heist, Belgium. In September 2008 he received the bi-yearly Tourism Award from the Province of West-Vlaanderen. He qualified himself in Romanian's history, its religion and its popular customs. All of this resulted in the bi-lingual (French-Dutch) book he wrote: ROMANIA.
Also he learned the language, most of all to improve the contact with the population. His main objective is to bring the tourists a positive impression of Romania and to do this by the organization of quality journeys - journeys that become real experiences with Sunrise Journey Travel.
He speaks Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish and Romanian.


Laurentiu Damian Bercovici - Business Development Manager & Partner

Sunrise Journey - Travel in Romania - Laurentiu Bercovici "When we started the Sunrise Journey Travel project we decided to come with a better offer on a sector which was not so good represented in Romania, the Incoming sector.
Romania's economical boom in the last years and the most advertized Romanian entrance in the EU, brought more and more foreign people here, for business or holidays. For them we want to provide the best services they can get and when they will deceide to return to Romania, we will know that we had achieave our goals."
Laurentiu is 30 years old and he has an important experience in tourism. He has also a University degree in Tourism, by the State University of Bucharest and he has been leading many groups in the country.
He is the tourism packages project leader and market research, team leader and company image adviser.
He speaks Romanian, English and Dutch.

Jacques J. De Groot - Benelux Executive Manager & Partner

Sunrise Journey - Travel in Romania - Jacques J. De Groot "The first time that I met the team, I was immediately struck by their incredible enthusiasm to propagate Romania as one of the most attractive tourist countries in East-Europe."
Jacques is 59 years old and he has involved in a lot of personal projects. He did his Highschool degrees as a ingenieur in textiles, has business experience in fashion for many years and build after this his own name in the Netherlands in teaching fashion and theater.
Now he is the PR officer for us for the Benelux and his greet skills in image and comunications work very good for Sunrise Journey in establishing business relations and partnerships with clients and travel companies abroad.
He speaks Dutch, English and German. NL:+31 628 591 859  RO:+31 628 591 859
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